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Zodiac Collection: Sagittarius

Zodiac Collection: Sagittarius

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Be bold and adventurous like the zodiac sign of Sagittarius with this unique collection! Featuring carnations, ruled over by Dionysus, it’s perfect for anyone who loves to explore, discover, and take risks. Express yourself! (But not too much – no more than two exclamation points, please!)


Delivery to most areas is available at $60.

Same day delivery is based on availability at $150

Priority delivery - delivery for a particular day between Monday to Saturday is $150. Delivery before a specific time is $100

Sundays & Holidays are $100, and Sunday Priority is $200. Same day deliveries on Sundays and Holidays are $200

Care Instructions

Stems must be trimmed by at least one inch, at an angle before being added to a clean vessel of cool water.

The flowers must be kept out of direct heat or sunlight, preferably in a cool area or room.

The water should be changed every other day, with stems being trimmed each time.

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