About The Petal Pro

What is The Petal Pro?

The Petal Pro is a floral design studio located in San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago.

Our passion is to challenge the status quo of floral arrangements and design within the local floral industry, while simultaneously bringing about a transformative floral education.

Founded from a place of being frustrated with the job market, as well as the same overdone, dated designs in the local floral industry, came The Petal Project.

"The Petal Project" was a name chosen by the founder's brother that stemmed from the founder's science & technology background and this new found passion for flowers and floral design. The endeavour was undertaken with this name for 2 months before things were put in place to have it legally registered.

Due to naming restrictions, the name was changed from "The Petal Project" to "The Petal Pro". A name we think fits much better with us.

The Petal Pro has been known for new, big designs without busting a budget, and challenging the status quo for floral arrangements.