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Zodiac Collection: Pisces

Zodiac Collection: Pisces

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"Swim into the celestial realm with the Pisces bouquet from our Zodiac Collection. Perfect for those with a deep connection to water, this floral arrangement highlights all the best traits of the enigmatic Pisces. Embrace your inner fish and bring some mystical charm to any occasion."


Delivery to most areas is available at $60.

Same day delivery is based on availability at $150

Priority delivery - delivery for a particular day between Monday to Saturday is $150. Delivery before a specific time is $100

Sundays & Holidays are $100, and Sunday Priority is $200. Same day deliveries on Sundays and Holidays are $200

Care Instructions

For bouquets, please cut the stems before adding to a clean vessel of cool water.

For vases, please top up the water in the vase. Change the water every other day and clean the vase each time. Trim the stems whenever the water is changed.

For other arrangements, please add water every other day.

For all flowers, keep them out of direct heat, and light, and change the water every other day, washing the vessel each time.

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