The Flower Boss at The Petal Pro

Hi there!

I'm Chris, the Flower Boss at The Petal Pro. My background definitely was science and technology and stumbling into flowers and floral design happened by chance.

I try to do things differently. I was tired of seeing the same type of arrangements all the time and I figured it was time someone challenged that, introduced new flower varieties, and was able to design floral arrangements based entirely on customers’ specifications.

A fresh, clean type of modern arrangements was needed, and that’s what I try to bring to the table.

I was always a fan of flowers, but actually getting into arranging and creating pieces didn’t happen until recently, less than 3 years ago.

It’s been a learning curve, and our designs have grown so much from when we started to now. We still have so much more to learn and so far to go again!

Being able to bring that smile to a customer’s face, and hear them say wow when they see it, makes it all worthwhile!

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